Q. Do you only offer sugar cookies?

A. Decorated sugar cookies and small decorated chocolate chip cookie cakes are definitely my specialty but I am open to other requests. I also make vegan cookies, gingerbread & chocolate cookies and small cakes on occasion. I’ve also made custom lollipops, cupcakes, “cake toppers” too so if you have a special request just ask!

Q. Are your sugar cookies crispy or soft?

A. My cookies are on the soft side but the bottoms have a little brown to them because color = flavor!  Some people prefer a more crispy cookie and I can easily do that upon request.

Q: I have an idea for a cookie, can you create it?

A: Yes!  I’ll work with you to help you get whatever you have in mind.

Q: Do all of the cookies have to be the same design?

A: They can but cookie orders can have a theme and we’ll work together to create a nice assortment of different cookies for your occasion.  Themes usually consist of 3-4 colors.  Orders requiring more colors/designs will reflect in price.

Q: Can you ship cookies?

A: Texas Cottage Food Law prevents me from being able to ship so I only do pickups and sometimes local delivery for an extra charge.

Q: Does packaging cost extra?

A. I can package your cookies any way you’d like but my standard packaging is included where each cookie is individually heat sealed in a cellophane bag and cookies are places in a bakery box lines with paper shred.  If you would like ribbon or special boxed sets the price would increase accordingly.

Q: Do you have a minimum order?

A: Yes.  There is a 2 dozen minimum and you can add in 6 cookie increments (e.g. 30, 36, 42…)

Q: Can I get cookies the day after I order them.

A: The short answer is no but go to the “Request A Quote” page for more information on this subject. Also, I can’t add an order to my calendar until details are confirmed, a quote is given and payment is received.

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